Burke Williams Review: Vitality Massage with B12

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Burke Williams Spa Review on the new Burke Williams Vitality Massage.  The Burke Williams Vitality Massage includes a topical application of B12 to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Burke Williams Review – Vitality Massage

Wow is my first word to describe the new Burke Williams Vitality Massage. 

The Burke Williams B12 Vitality Massage was complete luxury, the ultimate pampering and an evening of relaxation! I have visited Burke Williams spa many times and have always left feeling the most relaxed, pampered pooch.

Burke Williams is a luxurious spa with so many little delicate details throughout the spa
Burke Williams is a luxurious spa with so many little delicate
details throughout the spa

Burke Williams is truly such a luxurious spa. In this Burke Williams Spa Review, I am going to tell you all about their newest massage; The Burke Williams Vitality Massage. I went to the San Francisco Burke Williams location, which is very beautiful as you can see from the photos in this review.

What is the Burke Williams Vitality Massage?

The Burke Williams Vitality Massage is an incredibly innovative massage that refreshes and revitalizes the body through a topical application of natural B12. This is the first massage to topically apply B12. The Burke Williams Vitality massage is a massage but also a unique, luxurious skin care treatment. I was so surprised and delighted at the uniqueness of this Burke Williams treatment. 

What happens during the Vitality Massage?

If you are wondering what happens during the Burke Williams Vitality Massage, I will detail step by step what happened during my fabulous Vitality Massage. 

The Burke Williams therapist brought me to a cozy and peaceful treatment room before explaining what would happen throughout the treatment. The first step was dry body brushing to improve circulation and help with absorption of the topical B12. After dry body brushing, the B12 was then applied. Vitamin C applied thereafter to stimulate healthy immune function.

I was already feeling so relaxed at this point. The therapist then used a blend of essential oils including blood orange oil to relieve anxiety, rosemary oil to stimulate brain function and cypress oil to assist the immune system. The essential oils were massaged in and it felt heavenly!

How long is the Burke Williams Vitality Massage?

There are two timing options with the Burke Williams Vitality Massage – 50 minutes or 80 minutes. I went with the 80 minute Vitality Massage treatment and asked the therapist the difference between the two. By choosing the 80 minutes version, you get more massage time. I asked the therapist to focus on my neck and back as they were rather tight.

My whole body was massaged and the Vitality Massage was so wonderful. The Burke Williams therapist left me after 80 minutes to change into my fluffy, white robe before bringing me back to the communal areas. I felt like a new person after the Vitality Massage. 

What is B12 good for?

B12 is an essential vitamin that your body cannot produce. Vitamin B12 is so important and helps out in many different ways. It supports the normal function of your nerve cells and is needed for red blood cell formation.

Vitamin B12 may boost your energy, help to improve your memory and may help in preventing heart disease. B12 also supports healthy hair, nails and skin. In short, B12 is very important and this B12 Vitality Massage from Burke Williams is the perfect opportunity for some self care time. 

The Amenities at Burke Williams Spa 

While I always have a wonderful time during my spa treatments at Burke Williams, I always enjoy the amazing amenities offered by Burke Williams. Burke Williams have thought of everything that you may possibly need during your spa visit, and have supplied it throughout the spa.

Entry way to the amenities at Burke Williams Spa
The entry way to the changing area, sauna, steam room,
showers and jacuzzi at Burke Williams Spa, San Francisco

For guests at Burke Williams Spa, there is shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hair ties, brushes, mouthwash, towels, fluffy bathrobes, slippers, lemonade, water, scented cold face clothes and more. 

At the Burke Williams San Francisco location, there is a massive lounge area with a cozy fireplace where you can read and wait for your treatment. There is also a large Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. 

Lounge area at Burke Williams Spa in San Francisco
The Lounge Area at Burke Williams Spa in San Francisco – pack
your book and read by the cozy fire while sipping on some hot tea
or lemonade

The amenities at Burke Williams Spa are truly wonderful and make me return to this spa time and time again. I highly recommend arriving at the spa at least an hour before your treatment so you can really relax and make the most of your spa escape.

Photos are only allowed in the lounge area and are not allowed in the jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and back areas. Otherwise, I would love to show you the extra touches Burke Williams have added to their spas. You’ll have to visit to see the beauty of the rest of the spa.

Hydration station at Burke Williams Spa San Francisco
The hydration station at Burke Williams Spa – San Francisco

My overall Burke Williams Spa Review 

As you can tell from my glowing review above, I enjoyed Burke Williams Spa so much and would highly recommend a visit. The Burke Williams Vitality Massage is such a fabulous treatment that will leave you so relaxed and refreshed. I also got to keep the dry body brush which will ensure that I keep up the ritual of dry body brushing. During my trip to the spa, I also received the Spa Style Facial which I also highly recommend! It was such a great experience. 

Burke Williams Spa Vitality Massage Treatment

I wrote my first blog post on Burke Williams in 2018 when I celebrated my birthday there with 2 of my friends. A trip to Burke Williams spa is a perfect opportunity for a relaxing morning, afternoon or evening by yourself or with some of your best friends! 

I have begun to treat myself to a massage per month and really notice the difference. Burke Williams also offer a monthly membership, which gets you membership prices on the services. Burke Williams have so many amazing treatments with something for everyone! Check out all the Burke Williams Spa Treatments HERE.

Burke Williams luxurious spa

I rate 5 stars to the Burke Williams Vitality Massage. I loved the massage portion of this new spa treatment and also loved the softness of my skin after the treatment. I felt energized and relaxed after the Vitality Massage. 

Thank you to Burke Williams for providing these complimentary treatments in order to write this blog post.

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