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From Earning a Prestigious Gold Medal in Taxation to Sashaying Down the Runway at New York Fashion Week

Growing up in the beautiful landscapes of Ireland, my fascination with beauty came alive at an early age. I was about 5 when I started using the leftover bronzer on my mum’s bronzing brush on a trip to the bathroom. My curly hair has had its own whimsical journey, initially resembling the iconic Marge Simpson’s mane more than the cascading curls that I dreamt of. My parents, unsure of how to tame the unruliness, kept it short (think bowl cut). Yet, the longing for those flowing locks persisted.

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Years of Trials Leading to Haircare Triumphs

Endless experimentation with hair care products became my hobby, a journey through beauty aisles to decode the secret of taming my frizz. Today, armed with a treasure trove of haircare tips and product recommendations, I’m excited to share my recommendations with you. Whether you are wondering how to keep frizz at bay, or searching for the hair product that will repair damage within 10 minutes, I have all the hacks and secrets you need.

A Passion for Numbers and the Business World

My academic years unveiled another passion – numbers. Maths, business, and accounting were my favorites, fueling my curiosity for business operations. After school, I pursued a business degree, followed by a master’s in accounting and strategy, where my dedication was rewarded with scholarships and accolades, including a prestigious gold medal in taxation from PwC. Because I was an eager beaver, I went on and studied for 3 more years to become a Chartered Accountant.

From Chartered Accountant to Runway Model

Life’s journey couldn’t be confined to calculations alone. Amidst the number crunching, a serendipitous encounter with a modeling agency brought a whirlwind of excitement. What began hesitantly soon blossomed into a world of fashion shows and photoshoots, where each weekend, I immersed myself in a realm far from my spreadsheet-filled weekdays. From TV ads to magazine shoots and runway shows, the runway shows and shoots became my passion.

Discovering Styling Secrets through Modeling

Years on set not only introduced me to the glitz of modeling but also provided a front-row seat to the world of style and fashion. This immersion fueled my passion for writing blog posts on fashion and style, sharing insights from the dazzling world I had experienced.

From DC to San Francisco: Embracing Opportunities

My journey led me to move to Washington D.C., where I encountered a talented photographer who introduced me to the fashion scene. This path eventually led me to seize amazing opportunities at both New York Fashion Week and DC Fashion Week. In 2016, I found a new home in San Francisco, where I’ve been living ever since.

By day, I am a VP in Finance at the Sephora Corporate Headquarters. For the last 7+ years, I’ve been blending my love for beauty and business at Sephora. My role takes me across Sephora stores and distribution centers, shaping business strategies and practices. On top of this, I was lucky enough to be a #SephoraSquad Ambassador for 2 years where I got to partner with Sephora to showcase hero products and trending beauty.

Embracing Creativity and Contentment

I started my blog in 2017 as I realized that I would like to have more creative direction with photoshoots and styling. I also LOVE writing so much. By night, I love lighting candles, listening to relaxing music, and writing blog posts. It’s my version of Netflix and how I love to unwind after a busy day.

Discovering Beautiful and Luxurious Escapes

For work and in my spare time, my travels span across the US and Europe. I love seeking out luxurious havens and hidden gems. I return to Ireland every 6 months and loving sharing beautiful castles and the best places to visit throughout Ireland. As San Francisco and Napa Valley are right on my doorstep, you’ll also find lots of local recommendations such as the best spots to view the Golden Gate Bridge and the top sparkling wineries in Napa Valley.

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I hope my story shows you that you can do anything you put your mind to. You can have fun hobbies outside of your 9-5 that inspire you and give you joy. My blog is here for you to discover the latest beauty must-haves, chic trends, and jetsetter’s hideaways!

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