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Marival Emotions Resort and Suites is a beautiful, all-inclusive resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. There is something for everyone at this resort with 9 restaurants and bars, multiple pools, a jam packed kids club, teen club and lots of activities for adults too. Find out everything you need to know in this Marival Emotions Review.

Marival Emotions Family Resort and Suites Review

Marival Emotions is located in the iconic Banderas Bay, on the Mexican Pacific. The all inclusive family resort is in the heart of Nuevo Vallarta, which is a tourist center that attracts thousands of travelers each year. Nuevo Vallarta has impressive beaches and tours galore which makes it a haven for family vacations.

The Marival Emotions resort has beautiful ocean views, friendly staff and a very inclusive resort. Whether you want to relax or get busy with lots of activities, Marival Emotions is a great option a family vacation.

Find out more about Marival Emotions Resort and availability here.

This Marival resort is the most family orientated Marival resort as it has a kids club and a teens club that have daily activities. From the main lobby, you can see kids making memories and enjoying all the pool activities and slides.

Accommodation at Marival Emotions

The Marival Emotions Resort has suites and rooms that are specially designed with a family approach. There are rooms and suites available with a capacity for up to 9 people so you can travel with big groups.

We stayed in a resort room which had a beautiful balcony with ocean views and a spacious king bed. The pool was just below our room. The rooms are very comfortable and have everything you could want including a flat-screen tv (which we did not turn on once), dry cleaning (extra charge), air conditioning, snacks, bathrobe, coffee maker, safety deposit box, toiletries and more. Our room was cleaned daily, which resulted in a very clean room and a great experience overall.

There are a range of rooms available including one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom suites depending on your group size. We had a very comfortable sleep every night and were ready to go each morning.

Restaurants and Bars at Marival Emotions

The Marival Emotions Resort has a whopping 9 restaurants and bars. All have excellent service and are the perfect place to relax and make memories with your family.

The restaurants and bars are sprinkled throughout the all inclusive resort, so I highly recommend that you explore the resort to make sure you get to try them all. The Marival Resort map is super useful on your first day to find everything.

For the most up to date restaurant opening times, check the activities timetable when you get to the hotel. For all dinners (except the buffet), make your reservation between 8 am and 3 pm at the Lobby Club (in front of the Teen’s Club). Reservations are subject to availability so book in advance to avoid any disappointment.

All inclusive family resort Nuevo vallarta mexico

Here are some details on the restaurants and bars at Marival Emotions:


Amalfi serves delicious Mediterranean dishes for dinner. I loved Amalfi! The food was delicious and the restaurant was delightful. It is a formal casual restaurant so men should wear closed shoes (no sandals or flip flops).

marival emotions resort suites reviews and Marival emotions resort reviews

Men should also wear long or short dress pants, a dress shirt or polo shirt. For the ladies, a dress, long or capri pants, a skirt, or blouse are all good choices. Ladies can wear sandals but not flip flops.

Casa Bella

Casa Bella is a buffet style restaurant and has an amazing selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We ate here multiple times and loved the food. The omelets and fruit are delicious for breakfast. The lunch selection is also vast – there will be something for everyone.

For dinner, the restaurant has theme nights such as Mexican, Italian and International. The dessert selection for dinner is DELICIOUS. I have a very sweet tooth so I had to sample the desserts. Make sure to stop by the chocolate fountain too!

Marival Emotions Family All Inclusive Resort Mexico

Casa Bella is a great option for families with kids as there is such a selection. It is fun that the kids can pick a sample of different foods to try out without ordering a full meal.

La Bamba

La Bamba is a la carte and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here you will find fine cuts and appetizing seafood. It’s services are included in the Marival Emotions all-inclusive plan so that you and your family can enjoy delicious meats and seafood here. We enjoyed breakfast here one morning. The selection was delicious (smaller than Casa Bella).

La Bamba Marival Emotions Resort Review

Las Palomas

In Las Palomas you will find the traditional flavors that have made Mexican cuisine a Cultural Heritage of the World. This was the most authentic and creatively presented Mexican cuisine. The guacamole was also delicious (as was it at all the other restaurants).

The best family all inclusive resort in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico near Puerto Vallarta

The dress code for Las Palomas is formal casual too so follow the guidelines for Amalfi above. You’ll notice throughout the resort that all the staff are friendly staff waiting to assist you.

La Pergola

La Pergola is also part of the Marival Emotions all-inclusive plan. Here you will find delicious à la carte breakfasts with Mexican and American dishes, while in the evenings you can enjoy delicious dinners inspired by Mediterranean culinary culture. La Pergola is another formal casual restaurant.

La Pergola Marival Emotions Review

Piazzetta dei Forni

If you fancy a delicious artisanal pizza, then stop by Piazzetta dei Forni, which is an open-air Italian restaurant with pizzas baked in a stone oven. The restaurant is casual and relaxed. There were so many restaurants and so little time that we did not have time to sample the pizza from this Italian restaurant. It did look delicious however!

the best family resort in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with a kids club

La Palapa and Miramar

These two poolside bars offer delicious snacks and refreshing drinks. The views of the beach and the sea are picture perfect. La Palapa and Miramar are two bars located a few steps from the coast, ideal for the whole family. You can get soft drinks, juices, water and delicious cocktails here. A swim-up bar with ocean views is always a good idea!

swim up bars mexico all inclusive resort

M&M bar

M&M is a martini bar located at the top of the resort that serves delicious cocktails and harmonic live background music. With your all-inclusive fee, drinks are included.

Mirabel and Volare

Located next to the hotel lobby, Mirabel and Volare are two bars fully equipped to watch sports in high definition, with two screens and lots of spaces to spend time with family or watching sport. The bars serve drinks and there is a Starbucks nearby too. The Starbucks is not included in the all-inclusive plan.

Overall, we had such good food and dining experiences during our stay. The dining area at each restaurant and the menus were so well thought out.

Kids Club and Teens Club at Marival Emotions

The Marival Emotions Resort & Suites has the perfect kids club for children between 4 and 12 years old. Marival Kids is a special program from Marival Emotions Resort & Suites that offers games and activities for hours of entertainment.

Find out more about Marival Emotions Resort and availability here.

The kids can enjoy walks on the beach, treasure hunts, sandcastles, cooking classes, art workshops, and much more. There were so many kids running around at Marival Emotions looking so happy.

best kids resort in Nuevo vallarta mexico and Puerto Vallarta Mexico

For teens, the Teens Club offers traditional games such as billiards and pool, ping-pong, football and video games. There are also lots more activities for teens including the outdoor pools, water sports in the pacific ocean etc. They will not be bored!

While we did not have kids or teens with us, it was clear that there was an action packed schedule for kids and teens to enjoy. There was not a dull moment on the beachfront property with all the activities. This is a great service for any mums and dads who want to relax on vacation.

What to do at Marival Emotions

For adults, there are also lots of things to do at Marival Emotions. Marival Emotions Resort is a great place for relaxing or filling your days with activities if you wish. If you like to enjoy reading and relaxing, head to the adults only pool for some quiet time. There was live jazz music by the adults pool one afternoon that I relaxed there.

There are non motorized sports and motorized sports (with an extra charge) that you can enjoy daily. There is also beach volleyball, a basketball court, a bike course, a fitness center, tennis courts, yoga, lounge chairs on the beach and many outdoor pools to keep you busy. A walk on Nuevo Vallarta beach is also highly recommended.

activities at Marival Emotions resort review

If you fancy some pamper time, head to Intra Mare spa and beauty center. Massages, facials and more are offered for an additional charge. You can also enjoy a haircut, color and highlights, makeup, mani-pedi, and waxing.

After dinner, the resort remains very much alive. There is a nightly show that changes daily. We saw a Michael Jackson show, an Enchanto show and a dance show. The entertainment staff go above and beyond. It was such an experience that went above far above our expectations.

Marival Emotions review and Marival Emotions nightly shows review

If you are still ready to go after a day in the sun, dinner and a show. The resort also has a night club that opens at 11pm each night. Cesar Night Club has a DJ and drinks flowing until the early hours. The best thing? You can stroll to your bedroom after partying as the nightclub is onsite within a few minutes walk of all the rooms.

Things to do outside of Marival Emotions

Marival Emotions is a neighbor of the world-renowned town of Puerto Vallarta. There are beautiful sights to see in both Nuevo Vallarta and the nearby Puerto Vallarta.

You can check in with the concierge service for any external tours or excursions that you want to do. There are so many in the Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta regions. If you do fancy renting a car, there is free parking at Marival Emotions Resort and Suites.

Marival Emotions Puerto Vallarta Reviews

Some top excursions from Marival Emotions are diving and scuba diving tours, horseback riding, sunset cruises, a trip to see Rhythms of the night, a trip to Sayulita, ATV, Zipline and more.

Find out more about Marival Emotions Resort and availability here.

We did horse riding on the beach and loved it so much. My boyfriend also did scuba diving. You will have so many options both inside and outside of the Nuevo Vallarta Resort.

Other amenities at Marival Emotions

Marival Emotions has everything you need for your stay including a gift shop for anything you may forget. There are laundry services onsite for you to use for an extra charge. There is a business center for any needs you may have and a very helpful concierge service.

The only minor thing was the wifi access didn’t work very well throughout the hotel or in our room. We didn’t need wi-fi too much during our stay so it was not an issue for us. The wifi is stronger at certain parts of the resort. See it as a good way to unplug and unwind from technology.

How to get to Marival Emotions

Getting to Marival Emotions is really easy. Puerto Vallarta Airport is the nearest airport. Roundtrip transfers are available from the hotel for an extra charge. There are also lots of airport shuttles that you can pre book before arriving.

How to get to Marival Emotions Nuevo Vallarta

Uber is also an option and is very cheap in Puerto Vallarta. If you are getting uber at the airport, you do need to cross the road to be picked up.

Allow for a 20 minute drive to get from Marival Emotions to the airport and back. The hotel can store your bags for you if your flight is after check-out time.

Marival Emotions Images and Marival Emotions Resort Review

Find out more about Marival Emotions Resort and availability here.

Other Marival Hotels

Marival Emotions is part of the Marival Hotel group. There are 2 other Marival hotels nearby: Marival Armony and Marival Distinct Luxury Residences. The Marival Resorts are family owned and the family visits the properties often.

We stayed at the Marival Armony Hotel in Punta Mita after our stay at Marival Emotions. Marival Armony is the most luxury adults only, all inclusive resort.

Marival Armony luxury all inclusive resort

It also has a spectacular beach, an infinity pool, luxurious gardens, and is another all inclusive resort. We stayed here for 3 nights after staying at Marival Emotions. You can read all about our Marival Armony stay here.

Marival Hotels Reviews

Marival Armony opened in 2019 and is the most luxurious of all three resorts. It has been renovated and is a 4 diamond resort. Think luxury meets nature. It is a wellness haven that is very difficult to leave.

Marival Emotions is the perfect resort for families with kids who want activities galore for the kids. If you want a quieter vacation or some adult only time, I would recommend staying at Marival Armony. It is more luxurious and is for adults only.

Find out more about Marival Emotions Resort and availability here.

We also had the pleasure of dining at Marival Distinct Luxury Residences. This is another beautiful Marival Resort. This resort is more luxurious than Marival Emotions and is family friendly too. We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner there and a cocktail. Both were delicious.

Marival Distinct Marival Emotions

Marival Distinct v Marival Emotions

If you are wondering the difference between Marival Emotions v Marival Distinct, then here are some differences.

There are less activities at Marival Distinct v Marival Emotions but there is a regular shuttle service that allows you to enjoy all the activities at Marival Emotions as part of your package. You can also enjoy the night shows at Marival Emotions which are INCREDIBLE! The shuttle will be waiting for you to take you back to Marival Distinct each night after the show. If you stay at Marival Emotions, you cannot use the facilities at Marival Distinct.

When comparing Marival Distinct v Marival Emotions, you will also find that Marival Distinct is more expensive than Marival Emotions. It is a more elevated experience at Marival Distinct, so costs more per night. Both Marival Distinct and Marival Emotions are beautiful hotels.

In terms of noise levels when comparing Marival Distinct v Marival Emotions, the Marival Distinct Luxury Residences would be a good option if you want a more luxurious, quieter family vacation.

I don’t have a specific blog post on Marival Distinct as didn’t stay there but perhaps, I’ll return in the future. Let me know if you have any specific questions via email or DM on IG and I’ll be happy to help.

Both are beautiful hotels that you will LOVE.

Marival Emotions Images and Marival Emotions Resort Reviews

My Overall Marival Emotions Review

My overall Marival Emotions review is very positive. We had an amazing three nights at this beautiful resort. The front desk were incredibly friendly along with all the staff at the restaurants and bars.

We had a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend staying at Marival Emotions if you have kids or teens that will love all the activities offered at the kids and teens club. The ocean views, delicious food and mouth watering cocktails made this a very memorable vacation.

Find out more about Marival Emotions Resort and availability here.

Thank you to the Marival Resorts team for your generous hospitality during our stay.

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