Roman Spa Hot Springs Calistoga Review

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In this Roman Spa Hot Springs Calistoga Review, I’m sharing all about our 2 night stay at this hot springs resort in Calistoga. We had a mud bath, spent time in the hot spring pools and explored the beautiful town of Calistoga over a cooler weekend in January.

As the weekend was cooler, the hot spring pools were the perfect way to warm up and relax. Calistoga is also the quaintest little town so it was the perfect place to park the car and remain in the same bubble for 2 days. As part of this trip, I collaborated with multiple businesses in Calistoga to bring you some nearby places to enjoy during your stay.

I highly recommend a trip to enjoy the hot springs and explore Calistoga. We left the hotel incredibly relaxed and ready for a busy week ahead.

Roman Spa Hot Springs Calistoga Review – the rooms

Roman Spa Hot Springs hotel offers 3 different hotel room types. Classico Rooms, Superiore Rooms and Splendido Suite with a JACUZZI® Tub. As the hotel is a boutique hotel, all rooms are within easy walking distance of the pools and spa.

We stayed in a Superiore room and we were very cozy. There were slippers and bathrobes for both of us and lots of toiletries for us to enjoy during our stay. The bed was incredibly comfortable. We enjoyed two long night’s sleep after time spent in the hot spring pools each day.

The Splendido Suite looks incredibly beautiful and would be perfect for a special occasion. Each of the suites come with a jacuzzi and a fireplace in the bathroom.

Whenever I go to Napa, I always love relaxing in the evenings after a day of exploring. A relaxing room is important for me and fire places always make me think of my home house in Ireland as there are always two blazing everyday.

I want to point out for regular readers that I usually review 4 and 5 star hotels. This is a 3 star hotel so it is not as fancy as other hotels that I have reviewed in the area.

On a very positive note, it costs much less than some of the other hotels that I have reviewed so it is a more affordable option. I would upgrade to either a Superiore room or a suite to have a more deluxe experience. Our room was very cozy and we enjoyed our stay at the boutique hotel.

Check out availability and more details on room types at Roman Spa Hot Springs HERE.

Roman Spa Hot Springs Calistoga Review – the hot springs

The main reason we stayed at Roman Spa Hot Springs was for the 3 geo-thermal pools which were so relaxing! The pools were open 8am – 10pm during our stay which was more than enough time to fit in some relaxing pool time and also spend some time exploring Calistoga.

Roman Hot Springs Resort Napa Valley Calistoga

There are three pools right beside each other. One is a large pool, which you can see in my photos of Roman Spa Hot Springs Calistoga. The second pool is the smaller, jacuzzi like pool pictured and the third pool is inside and has jets. All the pools were clean and very relaxing.

There are lots of lounge chairs around the pool for relaxing. We stayed in January so we went straight into the pools to heat up! This would be perfect in the summer for relaxing and reading.

Roman Hot Springs Resort Calistoga

The hotel provides a pool towel for you upon check in, which you can change as many times as you like during your stay. As I mentioned above, there are also cozy robes and slippers provided for hotel guests.

We loved the hot spring pools!

Check out availability and more details on Roman Spa Hot Springs HERE.

Roman Spa Hot Springs Calistoga Review – the spa & mud baths

Another unique thing about Roman Spa Hot Springs is the mud bath offerings and the spa. Calistoga is known for mud baths and wellness. I have always wanted to do a mud bath so this was the perfect opportunity!

My boyfriend and I enjoyed the mud bath experience which involved a 15-20 mud bath, a shower to rinse all the mud off and a jacuzzi bath, all in the same private room. After this we were able to put on our robes and go to the “calm room”. Our spa attendant added cucumber to our eyes and we each had a massage bed to lie on. We were very relaxed after the treatment.

I love spa experiences and love trying out new spa experiences. Some things to know about the mud baths before you go. The mud does have a smell to it (similar to hot springs when you first enter the area). I knew this as I have been to multiple hot springs. I wanted to share a warning as the first time I was near a hot springs I wasn’t aware of the smell. It goes away after a while but when you first enter, the smell is strong. It’s a natural smell as the facilities are very clean.

Roman Hot Springs Hotel Calistoga spa review

When you step into the bath, the mud feels like it is hugging you. It is warm (approx 101-103 degrees). It was the perfect temperature for me. The mud is cleaned after each treatment by flushing the mud with hot springs mineral water that is between 140- 150 degrees. They also regularly add fresh mud to the tubs to replace mud flushed away during cleaning and showering.

Roman Spa Hot Springs have 2 mud rooms, each room is a private experience for a maximum of 2 people. You will only share the room with the person you have booked the appointment with. Each mud room contains two mud tubs, two showers, and two mineral bath tubs.

You are advised to wear nothing going into the mud bath as anything that you wear will get destroyed. If you don’t feel comfortable and want to wear something, wear something old that you don’t mind throwing away after. It’s a private room so no one will see you other than the person you go with. You can also go on your own for the treatment.

Calistoga hot springs hotel

The spa is attached to a 3 star hotel so for regular readers, it is a little more basic than the regular spas that I visit & review. Regardless, the mud bath experience was a really fun experience that left us very relaxed! The pricing is also more affordable than the usual spas that I go to. You can visit the spa at Roman Spa Hot Springs without staying at the property.

Things to do in Calistoga

While you are staying at Roman Spa Hot Springs, there are so many things that you can do during your stay. We enjoyed wine tasting at Picayune Cellars. We tasted 5 wines that we really enjoyed.

The charcuterie board was also delicious. Picayune Cellars have recently moved to a new location so I highly recommend checking them out.

Picayune cellars review calistoga wine tasting

There are so many beautiful quaint shops to browse through in Calistoga. We stopped by Field Trip where you can take a workshop of dried flower arranging or put together one yourself.

They also have beautiful plants and items to browse. I arranged a mini dried flower arrangement with the owner and loved how she made it look so pretty in minutes.

Roman Spa Hot Springs does not have a restaurant onsite but there are so many options within a few minutes walk. There are cute coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and more to choose from. We loved a light breakfast at Sam’s General Store. I loved the hot tea and the quiche was delicious! The outdoor fire pit and seating area is so quaint and pretty.

Sams General Store Calistoga
Sams General Store Calistoga is a great spot for coffee or a light breakfast

Dinner at both Lovina and Calistoga Inn Restaurant and Brewery were delicious. I’ll be writing a more detailed blog post on Calistoga soon, so don’t forget to return to read more.

My Overall Roman Spa Hot Springs Calistoga Review

We really enjoyed our two night stay at Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort. It was a quick 1.5 drive from our house and made the perfect January getaway. If you are looking for an affordable 3 star hotel in Calistoga, then Roman Spa Hot Springs is a great option.

There are lots of places to sit and relax dotted throughout the hotel. The location is great, the staff are very friendly and the parking is free.

Roman hot springs Calistoga and mud bath review

Check out availability and more details on Roman Spa Hot Springs HERE.

Thank you to Roman Spa Hot Springs and Visit Calistoga for hosting us.

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