Salty Crush Review

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In this Salty Crush Review, you will find detailed Salty Crush Reviews of beautiful boho dresses at affordable prices.

Salty Crush dresses are amazing and I am so excited to share details of my favorite Salty Crush dresses. I also have included a Salty Crush sizing review to help you determine your sizing with Salty Crush.

Salty Crush Review

What is Salty Crush?

To begin this Salty Crush review, I want to share a little more on Salty Crush.

I discovered Salty Crush over 2 years ago and have been loving the online fashion store. Salty Crush is an Australian fashion company that has the most beautiful boho dresses, sweaters, tops and more.

My Overall Salty Crush Review

Before I get into lots of detail in this Salty Crush review, I want to give my overall Salty Crush review. I love the brand. I now have about 7 dresses from Salty Crush and love them all. They are so comfortable, have vibrant colors and I get so many compliments on my Salty Crush dresses.

Salty Crush clothing are great quality pieces with affordable prices. The Australian fashion brand is popping up everywhere lately and their floral and patterned dresses have been a hit with a lot of my followers.

In this Salty Crush Review, you will find detailed Salty Crush Reviews of beautiful boho dresses at affordable prices. I even have a Salty Crush discount code for you.

Salty Crush is an Australian, boho chic, online fashion store that releases new vibrant pieces often. Although boho fashion is the main vibe of Salty Crush, they have so many city chic dresses and tops. I could FILL my wardrobe with Salty Crush pieces. Whether you love beach days, glam dinners out, cocktails with the girls, or easy, flowy dresses for the beach – you will definitely find something you love on the Salty Crush website.

Salty Crush Affordable prices

One thing I love about Salty Crush is that they have affordable pieces. All the pieces are beautiful, yet affordable.

Is Salty Crush Legit?

Wondering if Salty Crush is legit? Salty Crush is legit! I have ordered from Salty Crush multiple times and loved my colorful delivery each time. It can be tricky trusting some websites as so many scam fashion retailers pop up.

I’m confirming that Salty Crush is legit! They have beautiful, quality clothes at affordable prices.

Salty Crush Review – is Salty Crush true to size?

If you are planning to order and are wondering is Salty Crush true to size? Then yes, for the most part, Salty Crush is true to size. I have ordered different pieces from Salty Crush in my regular size and they have all fit perfectly. I have never needed to send anything back due to sizing issues.

Salty Crush Reviews and Salty Crush coupon code

I am usually a size small and ordered small for the majority of items. Some of the dresses are very flowy so if you want to size down, then it would probably be safe to do so. There was one dress that I ordered in XS as the description noted it ran big. The extra small fit well on that style.

Salty Crush has a great sizing chart

Below each Salty Crush item, there is a detailed sizing chart that can help you with ordering the correct size. I use the Salty Crush sizing guide to make sure I am ordering the right size (usually XS or small). All the pieces I ordered have been a great fit.

As Salty Crush Australia is an online store, the sizing chart is the best way to find your perfect size for each piece. For your first time ordering with Salty Crush, look at the sizing chart to make sure you have the perfect fit.

The Detailed Salty Crush Reviews

Salty Crush have all the Boho dresses you could ever want!

I have ordered 7 Salty Crush dresses and three Salty Crush sweaters. All have been the perfect pieces that I have worn again and again.

My favorite pieces from Salty Crush are their beautiful Salty Crush dresses. They are so flowy, comfortable and perfect for spring and summer. Last year, I ordered some dresses around Fall and was able to wear them in Fall too.

Salty Crush Review and Salty Crush promo code

The Salty Crush dresses come in all different sizes including mini, midi and maxi. The maxi dresses are great for a little extra length. I live in San Francisco, so it can be summer during the day and turn into winter weather at night. Maxi dresses are some of my favorite pieces of clothing as a result.

Salty Crush dresses are the perfect date night outfit, for lots more date night inspo, see my full round up here.

I love pairing my Sarah Flint Mirjana sandals or Grear Sandals with these pretty boho dresses.

Read my full Sarah Flint review here and use my Sarah Flint discount code (SARAHFLINT-CCLORNA1) and link for 15% off your first pair.

Salty Crush dresses come in so many vibrant colors. They are perfect for a relaxing beach day or a city chic day. You can dress them up or down.

Here are some of my favorite Salty Crush dresses

Salty Crush Dress #1

Briana Indigo Midi Dress

To start my Salty Crush Review, I wanted to share this dress as it is one of my favorite Salty Crush dresses. This is a dress that can be worn throughout the year.

It is perfect for Fall with cute booties or in winter with knee tan high boots. You can also wear it throughout spring and summer with cute sandals.

In this Salty Crush Review, you will find detailed Salty Crush Reviews of beautiful boho dresses at affordable prices. I even have a Salty Crush discount code for you!

Salty Crush Dress #2

Endless Babylon Maxi Dress

This is such a comfy dress! I love the bright red color which is perfect for summer.

I ordered many Salty Crush dresses in 2021 and I am still wearing them in 2023. They are perfect after many washes. This is a glowing Salty Crush review as the dresses are so beautiful and have lasted me for years! Floaty & comfy dresses are also one of my favorite things to wear. I’m over tight, uncomfortable clothes!

Salty Crush Reviews and Salty Crush discount code
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Salty Crush Dress #3

Carmen Gemstone Maxi Dress

I LOVE this dress! It is easy to wear casual during the day with shoes for exploring and it is easy to dress up for brunch or an evening dinner. It’s not see through and has such a pretty paisley pattern. Perfect for a winter vacation and it will be in style again next summer 🙂

If you love floral everything, here is a round up of very pretty floral bags for Spring Summer 2023.

Salty Crush promo code and salty crush dresses reviews

Salty Crush Dress #4

Mahony One Shoulder Midi Dress

This is such a beautiful dress! This Salty Crush Dress is so glam and would be perfect for a special occasion. The one shoulder dress will last you for many seasons as it is a versatile piece that could be worn in the summer with wedges or in fall with heels or flats.

salty crush reviews, is Salty Crush legit, Salty crush discount code
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Salty Crush Dress #5

Julianna Mini Dress

This the next Salty Crush Dress I have on my shopping list. I love the colors and it is perfect for casual during the day or dressy at night. I love versatile dresses. This dress will definitely last you multiple summers as it will be in style for years to come.

Salty Crush dress review
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Salty Crush Dress #6

Bali – Rose Blossom Mini Dress

This is a shorter dress and just as beautiful. Most of the Salty Crush dresses come in a short length, midi and maxi so you can mix and max with lengths and styles.

Salty Crush reviews and Salty Crush discount code
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Salty Crush Dress #7 

Hanna Yasha Maxi Dress

This is another dress that can be dressed up or down. This will be a perfect dress for summer and fall.

This dress would be perfect with some of the cute floral bags here.

Salty Crush Dress Review and Discount Code
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Salty Crush Dress #8

Kaliman Midi Dress

As you can see I love the Salty Crush Midi and Maxi boho dresses. They last throughout the spring and summer and are perfect for a winter sun vacation too. They fit so comfortably and are really easy to dress up on vacation at night. I absolutely LOVE this new one.

Salty Crush Boho Dress Review
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Salty Crush Dress #9

Hanna Brina Maxi Dress

I got this Salty Crush dress a few months ago and I love it. It is so flowy, the colors are beautiful and it looks so luxurious. I did size down in this dress as it said that it runs big.

Salty Crush Reviews and Discount Code for Boho Dresses
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These are a few of my favorite Salty Crush dresses but there are so many beautiful dresses to choose from on the website. When I last checked, there were 34 pages of beautiful boho dresses to choose from.

Salty Crush Sweaters

In addition to beautiful dresses, Salty Crush Australia sell jumpsuits, knits, sweaters, tops and jackets. As I mentioned above, I have a Salty Crush sweater that I love. It is so comfy, soft and fashionable. There are so many pretty cardigans and sweaters on the Salty Crush website. They fit true to size.

I have three Salty Crush sweaters and they are each so cozy and soft. The Salty Crush dresses are better quality than the sweaters. My Salty Crush dresses have lasted a few years but the sweaters don’t wear as well.

Salty Crush Sale

Salty Crush sometimes have site wide sales throughout the year. They also have a really good sale section where there are often really nice pieces.

If you sign up to my weekly email list, I share when my favorite sales are happening.

Salty Crush Shipping to the United States

I live in San Francisco as I noted above and have had my Salty Crush Australia packages arrive at my house without any issues. Salty Crush offers free shipping to the United States when you spend over $100. If you spend under $100, there is a flat fee of $10.

The Salty Crush parcels take 7-10 business days with express shipping as they are coming from Australia. The Salty Crush parcels take 10-15 business days for standard shipping. See the full Salty Crush shipping details here.

Salty Crush Gift Cards

Salty Crush offers gift cards as well if you think a friend or family member may love these beautiful boho dresses.

Salty Crush Review and Salty Crush discount codes.

Salty Crush Returns

For the most up to date Salty Crush Returns policy, click here. I have not had to return anything as all my Salty Crush pieces fit perfectly.

Hope you enjoyed my Salty Crush reviews. I will continue to update this page with some of my favorite Salty Crush pieces.

Shop bestsellers at Salty Crush here

Salty Crush provided me with some complementary items. I was not obligated to write this blog post but loved them so much, I had to share more!

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