Top 20 Tips For Hydrated, Healthy & Glowing Skin

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How do you have healthy, hydrated skin? What do you do to have great skin? What are top tips for no spots? What products do you use for clear skin?

Top 20 Tips for Hydrated, Healthy & Glowing Skin

These are questions that I have been asked a lot in the past and there are different aspects of my life that contribute to having good skin. The products that I use, what I eat, making sure I get enough sleep, exercising, and lots more aspects of my day to day life affect the appearance of my skin.

I have days where my skin is off and I can almost always pinpoint exactly what part I dropped the ball on, whether that is not drinking enough water, using a cleanser that is too harsh for my skin, or not sleeping enough. I also have a mild addiction to Irish chocolate (Dairy Milk) so not eating a family sized bar of chocolate in one week or evening (lol) helps to keep my skin clear.

Preparing nutritious food, drinking lots of water, pampering our skin and getting 8 hours of sleep will help with your goal for radiant, clear & hydrated skin. Read on for my Top 20 Tips for Hydrated, Healthy, Glowing Skin.

Stop Touching Your Face

There is bacteria on your hands, surfaces, door handles, elevator buttons, your laptop, phone, so by touching your face you are spreading the bacteria which cause issues for your skin.

Drink Lots of Water – 6-8 glasses per day

Drinking lots of water is key to having healthy & hydrated skin. Water flushes out the toxins and badness leaving your skin brighter & hydrated. If you are having trouble drinking regular water, add cucumber, mint, lime or lemon occasionally. It is better for your teeth if you drink natural water often.

Use natural & clean beauty products

Read the ingredients in your beauty products & invest in clean beauty products. Sephora have an amazing range of products labelled “Clean at Sephora” which contain only clean ingredients and are free from parabens, sulfates and other nasty filler ingredients which are bad for your skin.

Clean make up is also important as nasty filler products can clog pores among other effects. Read the labels and be more aware of every product you use. There is a whole clean skincare range at Sephora that is good for you and effective at the same time.

Eat lots of fruit & vegetables

Fresh fruit & vegetables are packed full of vitamins & minerals which are essential for healthy & clear skin. Fruit & vegetables make up the majority of my diet and are so versatile. Think soups, salads, smoothies, mixed berry snacks, vegetable stir-fry. By packing your diet full of fruit and vegetables, your skin will have all the nutrients needed for glowing skin.

Change your pillowcase often

I often use hair masks & face masks overnight and naturally, there will be some residue and product build up on my pillowcase. By changing my pillowcase often, I avoid the excess product seeping into my skin. Even if you don’t use overnight products (which are amazing!), there is still a build up of bacteria on pillowcases. It’s not one that is often thought about, however this can make all the difference.

I also LOVE Cozy Earth’s new silk pillowcase. It is so soft and gentle on your skin and hair. Silk pillowcases have so many benefits which you can read about here

One benefit about silk pillowcases is that they absorb less hair oil, skincare and hair products than a traditional cotton pillowcase. This reduces breakouts as you are not continually exposing your skin to product and oil build ups on your pillowcase each night. Silk pillowcases also help reduce frizz (bonus!)

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Slowly introduce new products to your skincare routine

I am guilty of trying lots of new products at once as I get so excited about new products that I want to try out. My skin is at it’s best if I introduce any change slowly so if I am trying out a new beauty serum, I will keep my moisturizer and cleanser the same. This shows me results from the new product but also keeps my skin balanced. If I have a reaction or there is a change in the appearance of my skin then it is easy to tell why.

Reduce eating junk food

As I mentioned, I love Irish Chocolate (Dairy Milk) so much. I love nibbling on a few squares and always will. I believe in everything in moderation so believe that some foods like chocolate, fries, pizza are completely fine to eat, however, in moderation. It is easy to nibble on snacks and not realize how much you are eating. Reducing my junk food intake and eating healthy food has my skin looking clear, hydrated and radiant.

tips for hydrated and glowing skin

Wash your face twice per day

I cleanse my face at night to remove my makeup and any impurities from the day using (generally) a balm cleanser. See my top 5 cleansing balms HERE. I use water in the morning to wash my face. I used to cleanse twice per day however after switching to using balm cleanser, I have changed to cleansing at night only. It is so important to wash off any build up throughout the day. For clean, healthy skin, never go to bed with makeup on.

I love using Cozy Earth’s plush wash cloths to take off my makeup each night. Use your favorite cleanser and remove with a warm, plush, hotel-like wash cloth. Read more about Cozy Earth Waffle Towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheets, and Face Towels.

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Exfoliate once or twice per week

Exfoliating is amazing for removing dead skin cells. I generally exfoliate twice per week. It only takes 2 minutes and always leaves my skin so soft and radiant. This is my favorite exfoliator that lasts AGES and is so quick and easy.

Avoid very hot showers

Having very hot showers can irritate & dehydrate skin. Have you ever gotten out of the shower & your face is red or patchy? Your temperature was too hot. Reduce the temperature to be gentle on your skin.

Pat your face dry instead of rubbing with a towel

Rubbing your face with a towel is damaging & too tough for your skin. Instead, gently pat dry. Avoid using the bathroom hand towel or your body towel to dry your face and instead have a separate face cloth.

Protect yourself from sun damage using SPF

Using SPF daily is so important & layering on again if you are out for long spells in the sun. There are many foundations, primers, day moisturizers that have SPF built in so no need to even add an extra step to your routine. I love SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen as it also doubles as a makeup primer.

tips for hydrated and glowing skin

Give your skin a break from makeup often

Your skin will thank you when you give it a break from makeup and let it breathe.

Use the right beauty products for your skin type

Certain foundations are better for dry skin while other foundations are better for oily skin. The same applies to moisturizers and other beauty products. Sephora’s website or in store is great for reading up and comparing lots of beauty products. Using the incorrect products can lead to skin reactions and breakouts.

Get enough sleep

Having 7.5-8.5 hours of sleep each night does wonders for good skin. I used to be guilty for not getting enough sleep. Over the past years, I learnt to slow down and sleep more. Now I mostly get 8 hours of sleep per night and it has made a big difference to my overall health.

Exercise Often

Exercise gets the heart rate up and improves blood circulation whether this is by a brisk walk while listening to a podcast or chatting to a friend, doing housework or during an at home work out. This can help to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin which keeps your skin healthy, promotes collagen production and new skin cells which keeps the skin looking glowing and is also helpful for anti-aging. Move your body!

Reduce stress

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. By letting stress get to you, this affects your overall health and your skin. Focus on reducing stress in your life or making sure that you make time for stress reducing activities, be it meditation, a long run or a beauty pamper night.

NEVER smoke

This one is an obvious one & thankfully I know very little people who still have this bad habit. NEVER ever smoke. Your skin along with many other health issues are affected.

Use face masks

I absolutely swear by face masks, they are a little booster along with your daily skincare routine. Face masks can take a few minutes to do and the rewards are amazing.

Do not pick spots

Picking spots spreads bacteria and has the risk of adding more spots to your face. Resist the urge.

These are my top tips for having hydrated, radiant & healthy skin. If you have this list and stick by it, your skin will definitely improve. You can find all of my current favorite skincare products HERE.

Stay hydrated, healthy & safe!

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