Cozy Earth Blanket Reviews (40% Cozy Earth Discount Code included)

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If you are looking for Cozy Earth blanket reviews, then look no further. I have everything you need to know about the softest Cozy Earth blankets in this Cozy Earth review. I also have a Cozy Earth discount code below that will get you a whopping 40% off all Cozy Earth products!

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In these Cozy Earth Blanket reviews, I am going to tell you all about my favorite Cozy Earth blankets (they are so soft!). I have a full review of lots of Cozy Earth bedding here for additional details on Cozy Earth sheets and more.

Cozy Earth Blankets Review and Cozy Earth discount code

I started using Cozy Earth pajamas first, then Cozy Earth loungewear. Now I am hooked on the Cozy Earth bedding, including Cozy Earth blankets. Once you start using Cozy Earth and realize the quality of their products, you will want to keep trying more and more!

Cozy Earth Discount Code

My Cozy Earth discount code / Cozy Earth coupon code gets you a whopping 40% Cozy Earth discount on the Cozy Earth website.

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A little about Cozy Earth before my Cozy Earth Blanket Reviews

I have tried out about 20 Cozy Earth products at this point including Cozy Earth pajamas, Cozy Earth Joggers, Cozy Earth Robe, Cozy Earth Sheets, Cozy Earth Bamboo Comforter, and Cozy Earth Pullover Sweater. Cozy Earth continues to impress me!

Cozy Earth material is SO soft! It’s actually quite difficult to get out of my Cozy Earth pajamas and Cozy Earth bedding in the morning as they are so comfy. The quality of Cozy Earth products are excellent.

Cozy Earth blanket review and Cozy Earth 40% off coupon code

Let’s get to all the details about the Cozy Earth blankets that are perfect for snuggling up and getting cozy.

My Cozy Earth Blankets Review

Today, I wanted to share lots of information in my Cozy Earth Blankets review. These blankets cost a pretty penny, so it is important that you have lots of information before investing in the Cozy Earth blankets.

Cozy Earth Blankets – all the details

First off, I want to share that Cozy Earth blankets are the best quality blankets that I have ever had at home. I travel a lot as you can see from my blog and Instagram. Staying in hotels is one of my favorite things to do as I always love how cozy and soft the blankets and sheets are.

Cozy Earth bamboo blankets review and Cozy Earth bedding reviews

When I first tried Cozy Earth bamboo blankets, I was so delighted. They are similar to luxury hotel blankets, which makes me never want to get out from under the blankets! There are different sizing and finishes on some of the Cozy Earth blankets, which I will go through below.

All Cozy Earth blankets are incredibly soft and feel so luxurious. Cozy Earth bamboo blankets are made from viscose from bamboo.

I live in Berkeley, California, where some days can be really hot and some days colder. The Cozy Earth blankets are perfect for this because they have enhanced breathability and temperature regulation so you are never too warm or too cold.

There are lots of variations of the Cozy Earth bamboo blankets as you’ll see from my photos. I love the Cozy Earth bamboo throw for my sitting room on the couch for watching movies or reading.

Cozy earth bedding reviews and Cozy Earth bamboo blanket reviews

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The Cozy Earth bamboo blanket is also perfect as a bigger blanket for cozy evenings in or you can also put on your bed. This also comes in a baby blanket version (which is adorable!)

The Cozy Earth Linen Bamboo Box Quilt is another one of my favorites for my bed. It’s a mix of linen and viscose from bamboo, which makes it so soft and comfy.

Cozy Earth Bedding Reviews and Cozy Earth bedding Review. Cozy Earth comforter reviews

The Cozy Earth blankets come in a reusable bag that you can re-use as a small overnight bag or even as a grocery bag depending on which blanket size you order. It’s very pretty and definitely worth keeping. Cozy Earth always go out of their way to make everything that little bit more extra!

There’s a special feeling with new soft, plush blankets and an even better feeling with the softest bamboo blankets!

Get 40% off Cozy Earth using my Cozy Earth link and my Cozy Earth discount code LORNARYAN40.

They are slightly expensive blankets, but with my Cozy Earth discount code, you can get 40% off.

The Cozy Earth Linen Bamboo Box Quilts comes in different sizes including Twin, Queen and King. It also comes in 4 different colors and includes two matching shams.

The Cozy Earth bamboo blanket and throw blanket come in one size and in the color white at the moment.

Did you know Cozy Earth now sell a full bath collection? Read my full review here.

Is Cozy Earth worth it?

If you can’t already tell from this Cozy Earth blankets review, I highly recommend Cozy Earth. I believe Cozy Earth is worth it. We are spending more and more time at home and (hopefully) you spend 7-8 hours per day in your bed sleeping. That’s a 3rd of each day! You will not regret buying these luxury blankets to snuggle up to while reading a good book or taking a nap.

Cozy Earth bamboo blanket Reviews and Cozy Earth discount code

Shop all Cozy Earth Products using my 40% off discount link here and Cozy Earth discount code

I have been using Cozy Earth bedding for about two years now and they are still in perfect condition.

If you are wondering if Cozy Earth bedding pills, then I am happy to report that there has been no pilling on my Cozy Earth bedding or loss of quality at all.

These soft bamboo blankets are great cozy blankets to invest in.

I highly recommend treating yourself to Cozy Earth bamboo blankets. I have a little below on the Cozy Earth returns policy in case you are still on the fence about the Cozy Earth bedding or blankets. My Cozy Earth discount code below knocks 40% off and you’ll have this Cozy Earth bamboo bedding for some time to come. 

Get 40% off Cozy Earth using my Cozy Earth link and my Cozy Earth discount code LORNARYAN40.

Cozy Earth Returns

I think it is important to mention the Cozy Earth returns policy here as it is so good!

All Cozy Earth products can be returned or exchanged within 100 days. They offer a 100-night sleep trial. Yes, a full refund! Not only is this a very generous Cozy Earth returns policy, this also includes an additional 10-year warranty against defects. 

If you do decide to return your Cozy Earth products, Cozy Earth will pay for the return shipping and issue a refund to the original payment method or give store credit once received into their warehouse.

With this generous Cozy Earth returns policy, you can purchase your Cozy Earth products with peace of mind. Cozy Earth has excellent customer service. 

A glowing Cozy Earth Blanket review

To summarize, this is a glowing Cozy Earth Bamboo Blanket review. I hope my Cozy Earth blanket review helped answer some of your questions on Cozy Earth blankets.

Cozy Earth blanket reviews. Cozy Earth bedding reviews. Cozy Earth discount code

Click the link HERE to be directed to the Cozy Earth website with my Cozy Earth discount code already applied.

If you have any questions after reading this Cozy Earth blankets review, please reach out and I would be happy to answer any additional questions.

Enjoy these beautiful soft blankets if you decide to purchase. The Cozy Earth products ship in about 2 business days, so they get to you quite fast. I am truly in love and will definitely be hopping on the website for more. The Cozy Earth brand offers top-tier products!

Use my Cozy Earth promo code below to take 40% off everything.

Get 40% off Cozy Earth using my Cozy Earth link and my Cozy Earth discount code LORNARYAN40.

Cozy Earth reviews and Cozy Earth discount code.

Thank you to Cozy Earth for sponsoring this blog post.

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