What to Wear to Bed After Self Tanning for a Beautiful Tan

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In this post, I’ll share all you need to know about what to wear to bed after self tanning to help protect your tan (and your bed sheets!). 

If you’re fair like me, self tanning is the perfect way to add a healthy glow.

I love sunless tanner because it’s skin-safe and gives me the perfect golden glow without any sun damage. I’ll admit the process can sometimes get a little messy! I first started using self tanner when I was 14 for our local discos! Thankfully tanning products have come a LONG way since then.

Today, I’m sharing how to get the most out of your tan. Hint – the first night is super important! 

Discover what to wear to bed after self-tanning, along with other upkeep tips and some of my favorite self-tan products. 

How do you take care of a self-tan?

Self-tanner is a great way to achieve a sun-kissed glow, even in the dead of winter. The upkeep can be a big pain when you’re first starting. Thankfully, I have decades of experience!

The first 24 hours, in particular, are crucial for taking care of your tan and wearing the proper clothing is a must. 

Mistreatment of your tan or wearing the wrong clothes can lead to streaks from sweating or fabric rubbing. All that hard work – down the drain!

Some tans you sleep in before your first shower, letting the active ingredient develop through the night. Others, like Coco and Eve self-tanner, you can wash off before bed. Use my code below for a discount on everything.

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Regardless of the type of self-tan, you want to ensure you wear comfortable pajamas to protect your tan and keep it from fading fast. 

What to Wear to Bed After Self Tanning

After your spray tan, pick out your pajamas and loungewear following these simple guidelines:

Airy silhouettes

Loose clothing is key after self tanning. Tight clothes can affect your tan, rubbing against your skin; this friction can cause streaks and an uneven appearance. 

When choosing your pajamas after self tanning, opt for comfortable clothing with airy silhouettes over tight clothing. 

Breathable fabrics

Beyond the comfortable silhouette, you’ll want to ensure your clothing is super breathable. Pajamas made from natural fibers like silk, bamboo, and organic cotton are preferable. 

Breathable fabrics allow for better air circulation, regulating your body temperature and preventing you from sweating off your tan. 

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Smart tan solution: If you’re prone to sweating, I suggest dusting baby powder over any area you may sweat; baby powder won’t affect your spray tan, though it will help prevent sweat, streaking, and staining. 

Long sleeves

While not necessary, I prefer long-sleeved pajamas as an added layer of protection. 

what to wear to bed after tanning. What to wear to bed after spray tan

Long sleeves can help protect your bed sheets from tan stains. Plus, they’re super cozy!

Dark colors

I highly recommend purchasing dark clothing to wear to bed after self tanning. 

A dark color like black, navy, or chocolate brown won’t show tan stains, making them smart choices. 

The Best Pajamas

If you are asking what to wear to bed after self tanning, you are one step ahead as this is such a key step in a flawless tan! My favorite pajamas to wear to bed after self tanning are the Long Sleeve Cozy Earth Bamboo Pajamas in black. 

This set is loose, airy, and incredibly comfortable. The bamboo fabric is soft and breathable, with long sleeves that keep me from getting self tanning lotion on my sheets. I also use Cozy Earth sheets so I want to keep these as perfect as possible!

The dark color is perfect for avoiding any possible stains. They also come in a navy polka-dotted pattern, which would work well! For non tanning nights, they come in such cute colors like blush pink. There is also a very cute blue and white floral pair. 

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I have a post with my full Cozy Earth Pajamas Review. If you’re interested in purchasing my favorite pajamas to wear to bed after self tanning, use this link along with the below code to save money on your purchase. 

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If you are still wondering what to wear to bed after self tanning, I have lots of Cozy Earth pajama dupes rounded up, which gives you lots of affordable options for airy pajamas.

Versatile Loungewear for After Self Tanning

If you’re not headed to bed just yet, comfortable loungewear is a must for taking care of your self-tan. 

During the day, try Cozy Earth loungewear for loose, comfy silhouettes made of high-quality, breathable materials. 

what to wear after spray tan. What to wear after tanning.

Some of my favorite items include the Rib-Knit Bamboo Lounge Pant matched with the Stretch-Knit Bamboo Lounge Tee and the Modern Modal Wide Leg Pant matched with the Modern Modal Pullover Crew. The below pictured items come in dark colors also such as black and navy.

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My Favorite Self Tanning Products

If you’re new to fake tanner or just haven’t found your perfect system yet, you’re in luck! I’m sharing my holy grail self tanning products from Coco and Eve

And as an added benefit, you can use the below code for a discount off these products.  

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Self Tanning Kit

If you’re just starting with self-tan, this Coco and Eve Self Tanning Kit is the perfect, cost-effective bundle for you.

This kit comes with their Bali bronzing foam, vegan kabuki brush, and hypoallergenic self tanning mitt. 

It also comes in three different shades depending on your skin tone for an effortless, realistic-looking tan – no tan lines included!

Self-Tan Foam

My absolute favorite self-tanner comes from Coco and Eve. In my opinion, it is the best option for a flawless gradual tan. 

This self-tanner is scentless and can be washed off after just a few hours, depending on how dark you want the tan. 

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It also comes in a variety of shades, including a medium tan that is perfect for my pale skin. 

You can find my favorite Coco and Eve Self-Tanner here. 

Plus, check out this article about self tanning lotion vs. spray to see what the differences are (and why I prefer lotion and foam)

Self Tanning Mitt

Self tanning connoisseurs – this mitt is your new best friend!

What to wear to bed after tanning. Coco and Eve mitt review. Coco and Eve discount code.

A self tanning mitt is such a good idea for applying self-tanner to your entire body with total ease. It provides an even application while saving your hands from getting stained. 

Find the Coco and Eve Self Tanning Mitt here. 

Bronzing Face Drops 

These Bronzing Face Drops from Coco and Eve are far superior to traditional cosmetic bronzers. A little bit goes a long way in making your complexion bright and sun-kissed. 

Face drops are great for touch-ups, providing a glow that’ll last throughout the week. 

Bronzing Brush

This Coco and Eve Bronzing Brush is the best way to apply self-tanner to the trickiest locations, including your face, hands, and feet. 

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The bristles reach areas that your tanning mitt can’t for an all-over tan. 

More Self Tanning Tips

If you get a professional spray tan, your tan artist will likely share some best practices after your tan appointment. 

But regardless of whether you get a professional tan or self-tan at home, these self tanning tips will help protect your sunny glow. 

Here are three steps to the perfect self-tan:

1. Skin Prep 

One of the most important steps of a self-tan happens before you even get out your tanning lotion – skin prep. 

It is essential to exfoliate before self tanning, gently removing dead skin cells with a dry brush or scrub exfoliant. Below are my top picks for the best self-tan exfoliators. 

You’ll also need to moisturize your skin for best results—find my favorite pre-self tanning moisturizers here!

Self-tan will cling to dry skin, looking dark and patchy, rather than smooth and even. 

2. Application 

When applying your self-tan, ensure you use high-quality products that suit your skin tone and desired effect. 

My favorite Coco and Eve Self-Tan provides a natural-looking tan with different shades for your complexion. 

When applying, I suggest using a tanning mitt for your entire body and a kabuki brush for your hands, feet, and face. 

3. Upkeep 

For best results after your tanning session, make sure you’re following these upkeep tips:

  • Wait enough time before showering after a fresh tan, depending on the instructions of your chosen self-tanner.
  • Shower in cool water to best preserve your tan.
  • Wear loose, airy clothing to bed after self tanning to prevent streaking. 

I hope you’ve found this post helpful in knowing what to wear to bed after self tanning. Use these tips, along with my favorite self-tan products, to help you get the most out of your stunning tan. 

If you have any remaining questions about self tanning or what to wear after a self-tan, please reach out via Instagram or by email. I’d love to help!

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