24 Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

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I have hair that needs a good condition and weekly treatment to make sure my hair is healthy and full. Other than that, there are some easy hair care tips for healthy full hair. These hair care tips are so easy to incorporate to ensure that your hair is growing healthy, shiny and full.

24 Easy Hair Care Tips for Healthy Full Hair. Say goodbye to damaged and dry hair

Enjoy beautiful, healthy hair after reading this blog post. Read on for my 24 Hair Care Tips for Healthy Full Hair.

Wash your hair only when you need to

For healthy and full hair, avoid washing your hair every day. This is far too often for your hair and your natural oils get washed away. Natural oils keep your scalp moisturized which promotes growth of healthy hair.

Use dry shampoo to get an extra day before washing your hair again

Dry shampoo saves time and also avoids using harsh shampoos and washing away essential oils for another day. I love Amika’s Perk Up dry shampoo HERE.

Use a weekly treatment on your hair

Some weekly treatments take 2 minutes! You may think you are too busy however take 2-10 minutes to do a hair mask each week and you will see the results.

Olaplex is also a favorite hair treatment of mine and you can read a full review HERE.

Brush knots out of your hair when easier to brush through after applying hair mask or conditioner when washing

Wet hair is easier to damage so for healthier, stronger hair, brush your hair when it’s easier to brush through with the help of a conditioner or hair mask.

Ensure there are strengthening ingredients in your hair products e.g. Argan Oil

The hair care products that you use really make a difference. Make sure that you are using strengthening and hydrating products and that the products are suited to your hair e.g. curly hair, thin hair, oily hair. Some hair care products work well on any hair type however make sure they are addressing your needs of strengthening. These are my favorite hair care products that are good for repair and damage.

Limit stress – hair is an extension of our skin and hair grows through the scalp

Stressful situations can lead to break outs in the skin and hair loss due to the scalp also suffering as scalp is a part of our skin. If you are suffering from hair loss, check to see if there is anything very stressful causing the hair loss. Easier said than done however it may not be an expensive trip to the hair dresser that will fix your hair.

Berries, spinach and avocados along with protein foods work wonders for healthy and full hair

Your diet has a huge impact on the health of your hair. Eating lots of fresh foods with antioxidants is so important for healthy hair growth. Protein found in lean meats and fish also works wonders as the protein promotes growth and repair.

Turn down the temperature of your shower water as very hot water damages hair

While a hot shower feels so so good, hot water damages hair. Turn down the heat a little. Another trick for shiny hair is rinsing your hair in cold water after you have washed out the conditioner. A good wake up in the mornings!

Protect your hair with a scalp and hair SPF mist

When out in the sunshine, remember to cover your scalp where possible with a hat or a hair mist. Scalp is skin, however often the scalp gets forgotten when applying sunscreen. Anyone who ever had burnt scalp has learnt this the hard way! This is the spray that I use to protect my scalp.

24 Easy Hair Care Tips for Healthy Full Hair. Say goodbye to damaged and dry hair

Healthy hair starts with healthy scalp – invest in a scalp product

Scalp products are a relatively new hair care trend however there are so many scalp products popping up now which are so beneficial for the scalp. Think of scalp products as exfoliating the skin. This makes sure that your scalp is healthy and all set for healthy hair growth.

Swap your cotton pillowcase for a silk pillow case for healthy hair

Silk pillow cases are much gentler on your hair especially if you toss and turn a lot at night. Silk pillow cases prevent breakage. Also change your pillow case often for both hair care and skin care.

I also LOVE Cozy Earth’s new silk pillowcase. It is so soft and gentle on your hair. Friction with cotton causes breakage so a silk pillowcase is a great investment. Silk pillowcases also help with reducing frizz. Curly hair tends to get frizzy with the friction of cotton, but silk will help the hair glide instead.

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Treat yourself to a hair turban which is specifically designed for drying hair

I recently started using a hair turban from Cozy Earth which halves the time it takes to dry my hair. Be gentle when towel drying your hair.

Hair is most vulnerable when it is wet so it is important that you treat it with care when drying it (no vigorous hair drying with a towel)! I love the new Cozy Earth hair towel. It ties neatly on your head and allows the water to soak into the towel with no rubbing. This saves your hair mechanical damage.

Read more about Cozy Earth Waffle Towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheets, and Face Towels.

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Consider if you need hair supplements if your diet isn’t rich in protein, vitamin C & E

I have been using HUM nutrition hair supplements for my hair and love them. I eat very healthy normally, however, I believe that it is difficult to get all of the nutrients that I need from my food daily. This is especially true in the US where everything is mass produced and organic food isn’t always available or really expensive.

Minimize heat styling on your hair

I rarely heat style or dry my hair using a hair drier which saves me so much time. It also saves my hair from heat damage. See if you can skip heat styling your hair to save you time and damage. Win Win!

If you must heat style, use a protective heat styling product on your hair

It takes 2 minutes to spritz your hair with a heat styling product and comb through.

Get a regular hair trim

Getting a regular trim gets rid of any split ends and keeps your hair looking healthy.

When tying up your hair, be careful that your hair ties are gentle on your hair 

There are so many options now for tying up your hair with looser scrunchies or hair ties that are designed to specifically limit hair damage. Cozy Earth have beautiful silk scrunchies that are gentle on hair.

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Use a conditioner every time you wash your hair

I used to think using a conditioner each time you wash your hair was a given, however, a couple of people told me they just shampoo (internal gasping took place). Conditioner is an essential 2nd step after you use shampoo to keep your hair healthy and full.

Rinse your hair at the end of your hair wash with cold water for extra shine

I mentioned this trick above however mentioning it again as it is free shine!

24 Easy Hair Care Tips for Healthy Full Hair. Say goodbye to damaged and dry hair

Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water so your scalp and hair are in top condition

By drinking lots of water, your scalp is hydrated and your hair is hydrated and healthy. Add mint leaves, a lemon or lime if you struggle drinking water.

Avoid coloring and highlighting your hair

Your natural hair color is beautiful! Coloring and highlighting your hair damages your hair, so limit if possible!

Invest in a bond fortifying treatment e.g. Olaplex No. 3 to repair damaged hair

I love Olaplex No. 3 which you can read all about HERE. It’s a bonding treatment that works to repair damage in your hair. Olaplex No. 3 is a ten minute treatment that you can do weekly to really improve the strength of your hair. Olaplex products are perfect if you want to try out the profession treatment at home. It is so easy with the fastest results.

This limited edition $46.50 Olaplex gift set allows you to try out FOUR different Olaplex products. It’s the perfect way to try out the hero products while saving (value $90).

Create a routine for your hair treatment so it doesn’t slide off your to do list

Like anything, if you don’t have a set day and time for a task/exercise class, it is easy to fall off the radar. Set a particular morning/evening when you wash your hair and always do a hair treatment e.g. Thursday evening is time for a hair treatment to get all set for the weekend or Monday evening as pamper night. This way, a hair treatment becomes a habit that you don’t even think about.

Embrace your natural hair color and style – this will save hair damage time & money!

As I mentioned above, heat styling and coloring cause hair damage and cost time and money. Your natural hair color and hair style is natural for a reason, it was meant for you. Embrace your natural hair color and style to save lots of damage, time and money.

I used to hate my hair and straighten it or curl it to have neater curls. I was spending 2 hours washing my hair, drying and styling each wash so I started to save time by adding some hair product and letting it dry on its own. Give it a try!

24 Easy Hair Care Tips for Healthy Full Hair. Say goodbye to damaged and dry hair

Hope you liked these top 24 tips to have healthy, full hair. Let me know on Instagram HERE if you have any other top tips!

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