Prose Shampoo Review (and Prose promos to save $)

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Looking for Prose shampoo reviews? Want to know is Prose shampoo worth it? Are you deciding what Prose scent to choose for your Prose shampoo? Want to know how much Prose shampoo costs? Get all the details in this honest Prose shampoo review!

Prose Shampoo Review

Read this blog post for my full Prose shampoo review. I’ve tried 7 bestselling Prose hair care products and have written detailed Prose reviews to help you decide on your Prose hair care. I wrote my first Prose Review in 2018 and have added more Prose Reviews over the years as I tried more and more Prose hair products. I have loved using Prose hair care products since my first time in 2018.

I will also talk through the difference between Olaplex 6 and 7 to help you decide whether Olaplex 6 or 7 is for you. After reading this, you will know exactly which Olaplex to use!

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Prose Discount Codes

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My Prose Shampoo Review

My Prose shampoo review is definitely one of the more popular Prose reviews as Prose shampoo is one the bestselling Prose hair products. To quickly summarize this Prose shampoo review – I love Prose shampoo and highly recommend trying it out. I first used Prose shampoo in 2018. I have ordered Prose shampoo many times.

Prose scents, Prose hair perfume, Prose Fragrances review

This is a very positive Prose shampoo review as you will see below.

What makes Prose Shampoo special?

Prose shampoo is a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser that does everything from rebalancing your roots to adding light hydration. Prose hair care is personalized, customized hair care which takes into account your hair type, hair length, your zip code, your exercise regime, your product and styling habits, your hair concerns and much more. Prose shampoo is created specifically for YOU.

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Prose Shampoo Hair Goals

As Prose shampoo is personalized, you tell Prose your hair goals in their fun quiz (more on the Prose Quiz below).

As you can see from my Prose hair shampoo bottle above, I wanted to cleanse and protect, along with clarify and cleanse my hair. I use lots of hair products in my curly hair for styling, so I use my Prose custom shampoo to really cleanse my hair and remove product build up e.g. gels and creams. My hair is always bouncier after cleansing with a clarifying shampoo such as this Prose one.

Prose Reviews

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You’ll be able to provide so much information to Prose in minutes with their quick and user friendly quiz. As part of the Prose quiz, you can easily tell Prose if you have fine hair, straight hair, greasy scalp, oily scalp, dry hair and more! There’s also a part in the quiz to select your natural texture, which Prose then incorporates into your custom hair care routine.

Take the Prose quiz for free here

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I loved the goal selection part of the Prose hair quiz as you can use a sliding scale to rate your hair goals for your Prose hair shampoo. I didn’t want to focus on volume too much as my hair is naturally big. I wanted to focus on defining my curls and lots of moisture with my new Prose shampoo.

Prose hair quiz for Prose Review

I also wanted to avoid frizz using Prose shampoo & Prose conditioner, so I also selected smooth as my hair goal. You can choose from so many different hair goals during your Prose hair goals assessment. You can select multiple hair goals so your Prose shampoo really works for you.

How to order Prose Shampoo – The Prose Shampoo Hair Quiz

As I mentioned, you fill out a quick Prose Quiz in order to get your Prose shampoo to match all your hair care needs. Your custom formula will be carefully curated after you complete the Prose quiz. It takes about 5-10 minutes to fill out depending on how much thought you put into it. It is actually really fun and interesting to fill out. I highly recommend taking the Prose Quiz.

Prose hair review and how to order Prose shampoo

Take the Prose quiz for free here

When re-ordering Prose Shampoo, you can request a new product mix if you have new hair concerns. By filling out the Prose hair quiz, you can order both the Prose shampoo and conditioner together using the same inputs. You can also order any other Prose custom products using the same answers you entered.

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Prose Shampoo Ingredients

Prose hair care comes with a detailed information card telling you all about your Prose shampoo ingredients, which specifically address your concerns and specific hair type. I loved the idea of seeing my Prose shampoo ingredients.

Everyone’s Prose shampoo ingredients will be different depending on their hair care concerns, goals and the Prose scent they choose. You will see that your list of ingredients is full of lots of natural ingredients that are known to be beneficial for our hair.

olaplex for wavy hair and olaplex discount code

Many environmental factors affect our hair. Prose uses these data points to add key ingredients for your individual needs. Get ready to have the perfect formula for your specific hair needs!

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More top tips to keep your hair in amazing condition

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I also LOVE their new silk pillowcase. It is so soft and gentle on your hair. Friction with cotton also causes breakage so a silk pillowcase is a great investment. Silk pillowcases also help with reducing frizz. Curly hair tends to get frizzy with the friction of cotton, but silk will help the hair glide instead. You can get this silk pillowcase for 40% off using my Cozy Earth discount code LORNARYAN40 for a limited time. Read more about the benefits of silk pillowcases.

3 Key Ingredients in Prose Shampoo

One ingredient that I love in Prose hair-care products is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is known for it’s ability to hold onto water – every molecule can hold around 1000 times its weight in water!

Another powerful ingredient in the Prose hair care line is Jojoba Oil, which is full of nutrients like vitamins E and B, minerals like chromium, copper and zinc. These key ingredients work together to nourish and protect skin and hair from environmental stressors.

Jujube bark extract is another great ingredient in Prose shampoo, which is known for cleansing and soothing scalp.

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Prose Shampoo packaging

The Prose shampoo and Prose conditioner come in plastic bottles with a twistable cap and a pump. The pump is perfect if you are not traveling and want to leave the Prose Shampoo and Prose Conditioner in the shower. The Prose hair shampoo packaging is so pretty and has the unique touch of your name on all the Prose shampoo bottles.

Prose Reviews-Prose Curl Cream Review

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Prose Dry Shampoo Review

Although this a Prose shampoo review, I do want to give a quick Prose Dry Shampoo Review. I have had one bottle of Prose dry shampoo and liked using it. Prose dry shampoo lasts a long time as only a little is needed. Prose dry shampoo is in a white powder form versus a spray. Be careful of how much you put on as only a small bit is needed. If you put on too much it leaves a white residue.

Prose Dry Shampoo review

I have red hair so if I put too much on, it looks obvious. I recommend this dry shampoo and recommend using it sparingly each time. If you do use dry shampoo make sure you use a scalp exfoliator or a scalp mask to remove any build up on your scalp.

My Overall Prose Shampoo Review

Overall, this Prose Shampoo review is a very positive prose hair review. I read a lot of Prose shampoo reviews before trying out Prose hair shampoo myself. I recommend trying out the Prose shampoo and conditioner also. The Prose shampoo and conditioner are the perfect companions to hit all your hair care goals!

Prose Reviews-Prose Pre Shampoo Mask

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Get 15% off & free shipping on every order when you subscribe to Prose through this link.

(cancel your subscription at anytime – even after you place your order)

Want another Prose Hair Care Review?

As I mentioned above I have a full review on Prose hair care here. There are so many amazing Prose hair products. I have included the below in my linked Prose hair care reviews:

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Prose Shampoo?

If you want to find out how much Prose shampoo costs – Prose Shampoo costs $25 at the time of writing this Prose shampoo review.

You can save on Prose custom shampoo by using my links and offers throughout this blog post. I generally buy expensive shampoo and conditioner, so I thought Prose shampoo was priced in line with my usual purchases.

Is Prose Shampoo worth it?

One question I get a lot – is Prose shampoo worth it? Prose shampoo is worth it as the shampoo is made especially for your individual hair needs. The Prose hair shampoo smells amazing and lasts for months.

How long does Prose shampoo last?

Another popular question is how long does Prose shampoo last. This will depend on how many times you wash your hair per week and how much you use. We often use too much product without even knowing we are being too generous.

I get a couple of months out of one bottle of Prose custom shampoo. To make your Prose shampoo last longer, apply to wet hair in the shower. Add a small amount of Prose shampoo to the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of water and make a lather of the Prose shampoo in your hand. Add the lathered Prose shampoo to your hair. Shampoo is very concentrated and when directly applied to the hair without lathering it, wastes a lot of shampoo.

Is Prose shampoo good?

As you can see from this glowing Prose shampoo review, I think Prose shampoo is good. I have used a lot of shampoos and hair care brands in the past which have made my hair limp, frizzy and messy. Prose shampoo really works well for me.

Does prose shampoo work?

Prose shampoo works. As I mentioned above, Prose shampoo really works for my hair. I have had different formulas over the years depending on what my hair goals were e.g. less frizz, more curl definition, Summer v Winter.

I have also had multiple Prose scents and loved them all except one. You can find out which Prose scent I didn’t like by downloading my Prose scent guide.

Is Prose shampoo good for curly hair?

Yes, Prose shampoo is great for curly hair. I have curly hair as you can see and love using Prose. You will share your hair type in the Prose quiz. The Prose team will be able to customize the shampoo for your curls!

Which Prose Scent to choose?

It’s hard to know which Prose scents are best so I have all the details you need in a specific blog post so you know which Prose scent to pick. Prose hair care scents are unique. It’s a treat washing your hair with Prose hair care scents.

Go to my specific review on the best Prose scents here.

The specific blog post talks all about the best Prose scents, Prose hair perfume and Prose fragrances. You can find out everything you need to know to pick the best Prose scent for you. There are many Prose scents including Prose Corsica scent, Prose oasis scent and Prose Perle scent. There are at the time of reading 9 Prose Scents to choose from!

You can choose the scent level of your products. Prose has thought of everything! You can download my guide on Prose scents above where I tell you my top 3 Prose scents and which Prose Scent to AVOID.

It is a free guide on Prose Scents that will really help you in picking out the best prose scents, prose perfume or prose fragrances. You can change your Prose scent every time you order so you have a new Prose scent to try out each time.

What is the Prose refund policy?

Prose refund policy is a very generous one. Prose have a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of delivery. This means if you’re not completely in love with your products, you can contact Prose customer service to receive adjusted formulas free of charge, or you can return your order for a full refund. My first formula was perfect for my hair and so were the additional formulas that I received thereafter.

What is the difference between Prose v Olaplex?

I got so many questions on Prose v Olaplex from my initial Prose reviews so I created a specific blog post on Prose v Olaplex. In this blog post, I break down the differences between Prose and Olaplex. There are certain cases where Prose is better and there are certain cases where Olaplex is better.

Read Prose v Olaplex to find out more.

Which is better Prose v Function of Beauty?

I am unable to tell the differences between Prose v Function of Beauty as I have only tried out Prose custom hair care.

Thank you to Prose for gifting me some Prose hair care over the years for review purposes.

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